Kazoo! Fest and Place for Bands present:

Matthew Progress (12:30AM)
Doomsquad (11:45PM)
Moon King (11:00PM)
Korea Town Acid (10:15PM)

@ eBar (41 Quebec Street)
Not Physically Accessible (stairs)
Saturday April 14th 2018
Doors 10:00 PM • All Ages / LIC • $12

Matthew Progress // https://soundcloud.com/matthewprogress

Pushing back against the stereotypical 'Toronto Sound' in hip-hop, Matthew Progress is a rough voiced rapper who prefers house rhythms for his productions. Described by Noisey as the “Rap Evangelist Spreading the Gospel of House Music”, Progress has been making a name for himself by carving out his own space. Follow the link to watch a cult themed video for the anthem 'Sip Test'.


DOOMSQUAD // https://doomsquad.bandcamp.com/

DOOMSQUAD is a Toronto-based experimental trio formed by siblings Trevor, Jaclyn and Allie Blumas. Their music is diverse, a kind of psychedelic dance that includes vocals, electronic, and physical instruments. Their most recent studio album, Total Time, was made in New Mexico, where the trio spent a month writing new music before bringing in Holy Fuck keyboardist Graham Walsh for the recording process. Linked below is a mystical desert trip to the song Pyramids on Mars.


Moon King // https://moon-king.bandcamp.com/

Moon King is the most recent project from Detroit based songwriter and producer Daniel Woodhead. Expect deep grooves on a rich backdrop of disco rhythms. Last year Arbutus records released their album Hamtramck '16, a pop-friendly LP steeped in dance culture. Linked below is an animated music video for the groovy track In & Out.


Korea Town Acid // https://soundcloud.com/jessica-kaera-cho

Jessica Cho performs improvised live electronic compositions as Korea Town Acid. Using a selection of synths and samplers Cho brings together influences from house, techno, and dub. As a classically trained pianist, Cho has the know-how to back up this ambitious approach to live performance. Follow the link for a taste of Korea Town Acid in a live studio performance featuring lights by previous Kazoo! Fest contributor Karl Skene.


This show is happening as part of Kazoo! Fest 2018.
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Additional Notes: 

Poster by Thomas Campbell

Visuals for this event were provided by Tronotape

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