bet yer big bucks on the fact that this ones gonna be a right on big time fuck yea of a show. Kazoo! Fest fucked me up big time BUT WE DON'T STOP. GET A LIFT IN.

SO, heres the deal, this gig is a few things and i'll list them below.
- 36? first time in Guelph
- Bennys first Guelph gig since becoming a proud papa
- Bill Killionaires first time on stage in a long bit
- My Birthday

36? has a bunch of music YOU can check out and it's tight. definitely stuff I find attractive. What really sold me on the band though was when a good friend who was working with them at the Banff Centre came back home and the first thing I heardwas some new presently unreleased 36? material. It sounded like their was shattering glass everywhere and just fucked up in general but with 1000 hooks. Buncha jabs and some hooks. Seems pretty apt. Turns out the band is 100% right the fuck on and have toured a bunch and ventured over to the UK for some stuff. come check it out...

Prison Break is our boy Benny. Dude is on the hustle harder than most. His infectious personality will leave you excited, exhuasted, exilerated and tbh kinda stoned. Apparently home boys been cooking up some new material, so we get to witness first hand re-birth of a king among men. Rats off 2 ya Benny. Excited to see what kinda energy comes to the stage this fine night.

Bill Killionaire is Scott Haynes brain baby. Scott was my neighbour when i first moved to Guelph. We had beers occasionally and I think he mostly thought i was some jazz nerd idiot uni kid. One day Scott was playing in Toronto and he invited me along for the ride. During this ride, Scooter gave me the inside scoop on how and why things operate the way they do in Guelph. Whether he realizes or not, that conversation was pretty formative for me. Soon after that lil talk I started playing in Bill Kill with Scott, working at the Jim Jazz and occasionally booking shows for another band i was (and still am) in. WE played some great gigs and made a decent lil ep that served as scoots first ever release. We're bringing it back as a trio with Nate and employing the KISS method. Bill Kill will open the night at 10 pm sharp so don't slouch

MUSIC STARTS AT 10 NO PUNK TIME. It's friday so come get friday'd with us.
8 bucks
please come celebrate my birthday. I love gigging and putting on gigs and being involved in all things music, the best present is your presence. I love you! P4B loves you! GEt ShreDeD

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