another one from us coming towards you and your vessel. this show is gonna be tight. do i need to say more? probably not, but i'll keep going because i'm afraid that if i stop talking i'll be forgotten...


is a project that has some folk from dories and some folk from laps in there. got a thing coming out on mtls egg paper factory tomo. so i'm assuming this trip out westward is in support of that. i like it, its a little mellow but not in a way that makes me wanna be alone? does that make sense? am i even typing right now? maybe if you like it you could buy it? or buy it on bandcamp? or just come and hang out with some friends at a spot where we can just chill and maybe huff paint thinner around the side of the building? you are fully in control of the choices you make, so make a decision. i promise you, the act of deciding will produce for you, the right decision.

also a youtube link with a fun easter egg thats alluded to in the above description...

ten boy summer

is a gr8 band half from the LGA (local guelph area) and half from stratford. after a big gig at neeve fest and then a huuuge gig opening up for one of cancons best, mauno, mary king and her merry band are gonna toss one up and spin it around right on it 4 U. take a listen and see if its something u can get down with. i know i can...

no boys

is a proj with some real up 'n' comers from the local guelph scene area. stellar lil haus show set at the **NÜ FWEST** was a sight 2 b scene. this bright yung 4 peace will provide some sick jams for us to fucking blast off to. and you know what? i'm pretty fucking stojked about it.

"no links provided"

**************** i bought a new battery for my iPhone 1 so i'll be live streaming this entire event to the cloud ***********************

big ups to Emma Shrek and Thomas Thomas for the poster
aug 17
music at 10
no bullies
sry 4 ramblin

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