P4B #22

Fun time with friends at the new Take Time Vintage location 18 Wilson St.) !! Featuring:

* Shhh (London, Ontario)
solo act by megan arnold, very nice n beautiful hushed up tunes; lo-fi minimal twee. keyboard and vox only : - ) sweet sing song melodies to mend ur broken heart

* Tyson & His Gameboy (Guelph, Ontario)
it's a marvel watching tyson do his thing so come get shredded x2 by his fret fingies and otherworldy falsetto (I hope he plays mr. sandman)

* Lion Detective Club (Toronto, Ontario)
shhh will mend ur heart and lion detective club will break it all over again. solo acoustic guitar + absolutely haunting vocals makes for a great time if u have a shoulder to cling to

* Fauna (Kitchener, Ontario)
no online tunes but looped drum machine + violin + vocals. let's discover something new 2gether

Feb. 17th @ Take Time Vintage (new location, 18 Wilson St.)
Doors at 8:30pm, music shortly after that
$8 at the door
all ages

poster by Tyson Brinacombe

Once again this is Steph's space so let's all be respectful of that and have a great time! c u there

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