P4B #?? (seriously if anybody is counting let us know)

Nice one for y'all coming yer way absolutely fer shure.

Tender Threads (ex. BLiND) is coming in from MTL to show you some stuff you might never know'd existed. On a wee tour for their new recording, Tender Threads weaves textured blankets covering up yer whole body. Keeping you cozy for a moment of uncertainty then challenging yer expectations of what this big blanket is all about in the next moment. Very excited to be a part of this gangs trip out wee west.


Ferne is the baby boy from our collectives baby boy himself, Ian Bain. Mans released a single late last year with a music video. Local talent on the map, repping hard for Guelph. No sweat for sure, easy piece.


Cold On Pluto is resident fun boy Rigel's project. Rumour has it C on P has a new set // line up // new format type thing happening. It's always a big time watching Cold On Pluto perform. The music is exciting and visceral & visually it pops with lots of bright colours and emotions getting right in there. Nice.


Outpost Vintage
Jan 20
doors @ 9 music shortly after. like 9:10 or 9:15
8 buxx

two things of the utmost importance.
first. Carolyn from Outpost was gracious enough to offer up her space for this gig, it should go without saying that the space should be treated with respect. don't get all bagged and ruin it for everybody. c'mon dude.
second. This show is happening AFTER the fundraiser for the girls rock camp at the common. don't let the classic guelph 10 gigs in one night thing keep you down, come on out and have a blasty blast.

i love you

poster work done by thomas and emma. real nice one eh?

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