P4B never sleeps. You think we have jobs and families and things to do to help us survive, but we don't. Much in the same way that a corporation (read: human being) can sustain itself without water or food, P4B relies solely on the sweat collected from the absolutely JAM PACKED gigs we put on. NO FOOD NO WORRIES. All we need is sweat. SO, with that in mind it is out pleasure to announce.....

P4B 25: Doing Chilling!?

In the hotseat for this event we have Luge. I got to meet Toby when we both worked the same job a few summers ago. Bryce hooked it up fatty styles and we made brake pads while talking about Tera Melos and Don Cab and Staer and SchnAAk. Needless to say we became friendos p much r away. Turns out Toby and some of his buddy friends were starting a weird band. Baby Labour played the first 3 Luge gigs, i got to do some fill-in bass work for them, we luv luge. P4B backs Luge 10000000% don't miss this gig and buy their new record. I really don't need to write this, yer gonna come and yer gonna dig it. IT'S NON-NEGOTIABLE.


probably closing the night, Vic from Sly Why is gonna do it. Dude makes beats, dude plays fucking vicious keyboards, dude rhymes, dude sometimes arranges all this "temporal nonsense" into a full out 3-piece band, dude hooks it up with massif blz. things are better when vic is around. I'm p sure his paper folded "beats" mix tape ting was a huge contender for record of the year for 2 years running... don't know how that works out but it's fucking tight i'll tell ya whuht.
heres some of my fave trx, dig in.

opening the night is me haha dan.
i'm probably gonna sing some songs that i occasional get to play with Bare Claws. I'm probably gonna make some noise as well. I really think u might enjoy it. i haven't sorted everything out yet for this set. there is a good possibility that i'll be playing a stereo guitar set up with the bass turned up to 100000. but then again what do i know i'm just a fuckin' dummy with a guitar tryna get covered in mustard.


villa villa khula. 42 jane
bring some cash for a luge cd

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