Hey y'all, we're back.

SO, last summer during Hillside we brought Sound of the Mountain to town and they played in my living room. It was a fantastic performance and we are very excited to have them back again!

Sound of the Mountain is a improvising Clarinet and Trumpet duo. Elizabeth Millar and Craig Pedersen can create the sound of you falling off a cliff. Somehow, halfway down, you decide it's not worth resisting and everything will be much better if you just ragdoll it. This will be my 4th (?) time seeing this pairing and i can honestly say that i have never been so consistantly brain busted. 10/10 will always listen again. FFO getting yer mind melted.

Colin Fisher has been a fave guitar player of mine for a long time. Then I saw him play sax. So now he is one of my fave guitar AND sax players. It's been a long time coming getting mans down to play a show and we couldn't have foound a more suitable line up. HOLY MOLY this is gonna be a sweltering evening of musical community! FFO getting yer brain bucked

SHDW CLN are a couple buddies jake and I saw play at the placebo space in Toronto. It took us by surprise. Most of the time I expect babe labe to be by far the loudest thing anywhere. But these buds gave us a p good run for the money sans amps... so bring plugs? also bring an appetite for the gnar. FFO getting a head cold and then conquering it over the span of 30 minutes.

this gig is NOT gonna work on PUNK TIME.
holy moly, its starts at 7. be there for 7!
no booze, as is tradition at The Common.
cover is 10 bucks

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