place for bands presents:

may 18th @ the OLD take time vintage
doors ~ 9pm ; music ~ 10pm
all ages
$8 (bring cash for beer n merch, we can't break 20s all night long, thx, we love u)

Lonely Parade (Peterborough)
*~ cool indie and alternative rock *MUSICIANSHIP* their 2016 release 'no shade' is excellent and 'family reunion' is probably the song of the century. come on. you already know them.

DUNES (Sudbury)
*~ garage rock w IRL tape effects "stupid toddlers playing baby music" yeah if you say so. i just might dance to this!!

Poor You (Oakville/Toronto)
*~ slowcore sadcore shoecore facecore. who doesn't wanna fuck around w a band that has a daniel johnston cover as good as theirs? see you in the cry pit.

poster by Mema Welch

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