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~ Palberta ~
"Palberta is LILY, NINA, ANI". Based in New York, Palberta brings the best kind of punk rock energy with no wave sensibilities. It's sometimes jarring, always noisy, and never not on fucking point. This is as far as words can carry me in a description of this band - check them out for yourself below at their bandcamp, plus, head on over to Pitchfork to read about their last release; Bye Bye Berta.



~ Luge ~
If you've been living in Guelph for the last few years chances are you've had the chance to catch Luge once, twice, three times before. Some might even say they're the best band in Canada. A special brand of weirdo gross out funk and dance punk (with some added flairs of no wave cause, fuck it, let's make it a theme).


Sunday May 6th
@ Silence
Doors at 8:30pm - in classic Silence fashion, we need to wrap up things up by 11pm sharp, so let's nix the punk time, folks!
All ages - $10

poster by Elizabeth Macleod

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