Placeforbands Presents!
Very sick mathy post-punk boyos from beyond the great mountains coming thru on a big ol' North American tour. Let's give em' a nice Guelph welcome and get psyyyyched out in a very BIG very LOUD very DOPE way.

Your fave 3-piece, Guelph-based, Math rock band! Our very own Snek Cadeeyuh and Yew Toob with ur dad Troy LaFontaine. Come get smolked right the eff up. It's always a tiiiime with these wacky long boys.

Super cool screamy post-hardcore from the subzzz. R u a sad bud? Do u like 2 pit? Cry w/ me. I love u.

Bands @ 9:30

Dope ass poster by the one and only Patrick Sparrow!

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